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Welcome to Mower Prices

For hundreds of years, human beings have continued to appreciate the beauty of a neatly cut lawn. In fact, nobles would often grow open fields of grass around their castle’s perimeter walls to get a clear line of sight of any approaching invaders or armies during medieval times.

But thanks to civilization, technology, and world organizations, the role of neatly cut lawn shifted from one of vigilance to one of aesthetics. Nowadays, the main reason we keep immaculately manicured lawns is that they make us look good and feel great about ourselves.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, I mean, who wouldn’t benefit from an ego boost every once in a while? There’s a lot of misinformation on lawn care online, and the only useful information is the same old rehashed nonsense.

I was tired of the lack-luster guides and reviews and created MowerPrices.com to help you save money on lawn care.

About Me

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Hi there, my name is Callum, and this is my blog—MowerPrices.com. I’ve worked in the lawn maintenance business for over a decade now, during which time, I’ve worked with a variety of organizations, companies, and individuals to help keep their lawns in tip-top shape.

What initially started as a hobby for me, slowly bloomed into a successful business, so I decided to create this blog and share my experiences mowing and caring for lawns. So stick around and feel free to look around.

I’m sure using our guides and reviews we can help you find the right mower for the job today!

Did You Know?

The word “Lawn,” albeit an English word, originally came from the Old French word “Launde” which meant a heath or wooded district. At the turn of the 1700s, it had found its way to the English language and referred to a grassy mowed area.

Fast-forward nearly a century and a half later, and one Edwin Beard invented the first lawnmower in 1830, and it was then manufactured two years later. He thus laid the foundation for the intricate lawn mowers we have today that feature a variety of moving parts and components.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

From self-propelled mowers to rotary mowers to electric and battery-powered mowers to gas-powered mowers and more.

We’ve covered the major types of mowers, their parts and explained some of their intricate working mechanisms. Here are the main highlights of this section:

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The Invention of The Mower

In medieval times, lawn mowing was done in two different ways depending on your social class. If you were a commoner, then animal grazing was the best way of mowing your lawn while the use of a scythe was typically employed in the homes of nobles and royalty.

It wasn’t until Edwin Beard invented the first lawnmower back in the 19th century, that lawn mowing became typical for commoners. That said, our contemporary lawn and yard culture has its roots in the mid-20th century and was greatly popularized by Abraham Levitt who once quoted saying that a well-kept lawn contributes to the beauty and charm of a community.

Lawn Mower Brands Reviews

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And while he set the standard with his 17k homes with lawns in NY; the main objective of lawn mowing is to achieve a patch of uniform and neatly cut grass.

So to help you out, we’ve reviewed some of the best lawn mower brands on the market and what they have to offer. Here’s are some of the brands we’ve reviewed:

Mower History: A Trip Back in Time

Edwin Budding’s Mower was a simple push reel mower a lot similar to the modern one, but it paved the way for more advanced designs. Decades after Edwin’s first mower, the first animal-driven mower was created, and it then took close to sixty more years before the first steam-powered mower was invented.

James Sumner patented the first steam-powered mower in 1893, but it was rife with operational problems which paved the way for chain-driven mowers by the start of the 20th century.  And these were among the first riding lawn mowers in history.

Best Mowers by Category Reviewed

And the trend continued to electric and battery-powered to the modern-day robotic mowers. If you’re looking for recommendations on specific types of lawnmowers, then this is the section you want to visit.

We’ve curated a list of what we think are some of the best lawn mowers by category. Here are our favorite picks for the:

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Other Posts and Reviews

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Easy Start Mowers

The great thing with self-propelled mowers is that it’s pretty easy and straightforward to get them up and running. You only need to give them a little nudge, and they’ll start hacking away at the long grass on your lawn in no time and as a bonus, help keep in you great shape.

Mower blades

Like scissors, lawnmowers can cut grass with extreme precision and do this using a varying number of edges. Some feature the standard 2-in-1 blades developed to cut grass and either bag or dispel the clippings.

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BigDog Mowers Review

Our next contender specializes in residential lawn mowers, unlike eXmark which caters for both markets. BigDog offers a range of 11 different lawn mower models from Rex to BlackJack to Diablo to Alpha; all built for residential homes with varying engine capacities.

Tenacity Herbicide

Knowing how to control your weeds is the most important thing if you want a great looking lawn.

If you can’t control your weeds your behind the eight ball before you start. If you want a professional looking lawn then you have to use what the professionals use. Tenacity herbicide has been used by porfessionals on golf courses for a long time and it’s finally available to the consumer use.

how to kill crabgrass in lawn