Gravely Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers Review: What You Need to Know

With so much to do and so little time, you want a lawn mower that reduces the time you have to spend tending to your lawn while at the same time doing a great job. A Gravely zero turn mower is just what the doctor ordered.

Gravely zero-turn lawn mowers are now available to both residential and commercial users. The list of 11 mowers is not only quite varied, but it is also a total game-changer in the mower industry.

Over 100 years ago, Gravely received its first patent, and thus started the journey that would see the company become a formidable opponent for others in the industry. Over the years and after many trials, Gravely made its first zero-turn mower and it hasn’t looked back.

The response from clients has propelled the company to greater heights, and the 11 zero-turn mowers show what can be achieved with determination and putting the client first.

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What to Expect from Your Gravely Zero turn Mower

Most people get frustrated when their mowers when they leave patches of uncut grass because they have to turn back and re-do those parts to ensure that all grass is removed as was intended.

mower doing a zero turn

This is what makes a zero-turn mower a valuable asset for home and commercial use, being as it has a turning radius of zero degrees, meaning you can easily make a 180-degree turn without leaving any grass uncut.

With such accuracy, you cut the time it takes to tend to your lawn by half.

Another feature that differentiates zero-turn from traditional push mowers is the fact that you steer that rear wheel, which is how you are able to achieve that 180-degree turn. You also notice more stability with this kind of turning, regardless of your speed.

Gravely has a variety of mowers that have different abilities, and so you get to choose which one suits your needs better. You can expect quality workmanship and top-of-the-range engines from various renowned manufacturers too.

Because so much thought has been put into the making of these mowers, they are durable, but that also makes them a little pricey too. In the end, though, you get your money’s worth, thanks to their longevity and good service.


These mowers have unique features that make them stand out. We will only discuss a few of the common ones.

Deck Leveling

Thanks to the patented EZ-Lift Deck System, adjusting a Gravely mower’s decker has become 25% less taxing, as you only have to use the levers and adjust according to your preferred height. These adjustments ensure that the level you want to achieve is reached and your lawn is as neat as you wish it to be.

The company’s zero-turn mowers have a total 19 cutting positions that you can adjust with 0.25-inch increments. This means you can use them for short grass as well in lawns with long overgrown grass. The decks are made of durable steel to last a long time.

Adjustable Seats

You want a seat that accommodates you without making you feel like a prisoner in your little riding mower. A typical zero-turn mower now has an over-sized seat that accommodates people of varying sizes and so you will be comfortable all through the ride.

Air ride suspension is also one of those handy details the company worked into these mowers, so that now the seats can absorb shock.

When you hit some serious bumps along the way, you won’t feel any of them, thanks to the suspension system.

picture of air ride suspension seat

Wheels matter when considering speed and stability, and these mowers have it all as the front wheels are smooth to propel then forward faster, while the rear ones are treaded for maximum grip and stability. They significantly reduce the learning curve associated with zero-turn mowers.

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Constant Belt Tension System (CBT)

Blades should always work like clockwork, and Gravely ensures that. The CBT system not only reduces the maintenance work done on the mower, but it also ensures blades are working harmoniously without overlapping. You get more work done in less time when your blades are working perfectly.

Engine Power

It all boils down to this: the source of your mower’s engine and its gas capacity. The Gravely zero-turn mowers have varying engine capacity, and they are also fitted from different brands.

illustration of engine

Kohler, Kawasaki, and Yamaha® EFI are the main engine brands that the company uses on its mowers, and their capacities range from 13 – 25 gallons.

They also range from 27 HP – 35 HP depending on the model you choose.

On the ground, a zero-turn mower will move forward to a maximum speed of 13 MPH and reverses at 6 MPH. Though they are compact – and won’t take up much storage space – these mowers pack a punch.


All the company’s residential products are backed by a 3-year warranty, with no limit on number of hours spent. The commercial ones have 2-year a warranties and some have hour limitations. This warranty card has more information.

If the warranty lapses or you experience an issue that is not covered by the warranty, then you can contact any of the independent leaders situated in various parts of the country.

Gravely’s customer care unit is always ready and available to answer any pressing issues.


  • They are esthetically pleasing.
  • These zero-turn mowers have comfortable seats with shock absorbers.
  • They are powerful, thanks to sturdy engines with ranges of 27 HP – 35 HP.
  • Made of steel to serve you longer.


  • The deck bearings will require maintenance.
  • Warranties on commercial lawn mowers is limited.


Scag Zero Turn

Scag zero turn mowers first came on the scene in 1983 and are proud partners with Nations of Patriots. A nonprofit organization honoring America’s Armed Forces.

With any of Scags mowers and products sold helps to support not only Nations of Patriots but also are involved in other programs like Road America which is one of the nation’s largest and most respected outdoor race facilities.

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Final Word on Gravely’s Zero-turn Mowers

Overall, these mowers are of solid build, esthetically pleasing, and they are built for longevity. Prices range differ as you can see from the company’s catalogue.

Each purchase is accompanied by a comprehensive manual that explains how to handle any issue concerning your Gravely mower, and the centers to contact if the need for professional help ever arises.

Gravely zero-turn mowers are a worthy investment for any home or business.