How to Get Rid of Crabgrass & Clover in the Lawn

If you want to have a great looking lawn, you’ve got to learn to control your weeds.

If you get rid of your weeds all that’s left is grass and you will have a great lawn.

That sounds easy and logical, right?

Well, I’m going to show you that it actually can be easy with the two worst weeds that will take over your lawn:

  • Crabgrass
  • clover

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in lawn

And I’m going to show you how to wipe them out like a pro.

But we’re going to do it in a way that you can do yourself at home.

Now, check out this lawn below… its a new client of mine, and his lawn doesn’t look very good.

negelcted lawn with crabgrass

It’s got a lot of crabgrass.

That’s all those light green blades.

In addition, we’ve got Clover, Dandelion and a few other weeds mixed in just for good measures.

You can expect it when a lawn has been neglected for a few years.

What I’m going to show you will kill the crabgrass kill the clover but it won’t kill your lawn and if you want professional results don’t shop at a big box store.

Why… because they don’t either because those products just don’t work.

They’re too expensive and they really not going to give you the results you want.

So what my recommendation is to use a professional product.

And in this case, the product is called tenacity.

It’s kid and pet safe.

When used according to the label and it really works. That’s why the pros use it and you should consider using it as well.

Now, the only downfall of a professional product is you can’t just buy a bottle open it up and spray it on.

It does involve a couple of extra steps, but I’m going to show you how to do it yourself.

The only thing you’re going to need is a sprayer for your yard.

This can be any kind of a pump sprayer or I’m going to show you a cordless model.

You want something that holds two gallons will work perfectly.

How It Works

First up, your gunna need a couple of other products being mixed with tenacity?

The first is a surfactant.

All this does is allow the tenacity herbicide to stick to the leaves of the weeds better.

If you don’t use a surfactant the product will roll off and you won’t get as good of results.

The second thing you will need because tenacity is clear is a die so that you can see where you’ve sprayed.

It’s optional but I do recommend it if you’re doing large areas. It’s non-toxic and very inexpensive.

But when you add this to the mix, you’ll see that it allows you to tell where you’ve sprayed and that’s really critical.

Mixing This Weed Killer Super Formula

Ok, the first thing is to fill your sprayer with clean water.

Now we’ve got our sprayer filled with two gallons of water.

We can move on to the next steps.

So you’re going to start with your tenacity.

Now, this is up to you, but mixing chemicals don’t forget to use your PPE gear, like gloves, safety glasses and whatever else you like.

Add one teaspoon of tenacity to the sprayer.

You can use a syringe or measuring spoons, whichever you like as long as you can get a teaspoon measurement.

Add the teaspoon of tenacity to the sprayer.

Next thing we’re going to need is the surfactant. To make two gallons of solution we’re going use 3 teaspoons of surfactant.

For the color, in our two-gallon mix, I use about 4 teaspoons of color dye which I found that that gives me a pretty good result.

You can go darker if you want to see it much easier or if you’re in really bright sunlight, but that amount has worked for me.

Once you’ve got a color that you’re happy with, close it up and get ready to use it.

Few more tips on how to get rid of Crabgrass in the lawn

As I was spraying there are a few more things you need to know.

You want to use a tip for your spray that has a fine mist.

You should be able to adjust the sprayer you have and you generally aren’t going to have to go out and buy one.

Just something that sprays nicely and gives you a nice even coat.

Another important thing is to only spay the weeds once. Do not over spray the same section twice an don’t coat the weeds multiple times.

You only need a very fine Mist to actually kill that we’d if you spray more than once you’re actually going kill the grass or you’ll at least mess it up for a while.

You can also spray for weeds in a bear bed, which is fine.

But you also want to avoid any good plants because you can damage them.

The big plus of this is you can also spray it right in your lawn and your grass won’t suffer.

The biggest thing here is spray a light fine Mist only, coat the weeds just once and then move on.

Safe Zone

Once your done and finished spraying, kids and pets can safely return to the area only once the products fully dried.

Now that usually is around about three to four hours but always read the label to make sure you understand it completely.

What To Expect

Remember you’re not expecting the same type of results that used to get from Roundup.

Roundup kills the weeds and the grass.

So it was pretty much useless on the lawn.

Once you spray tenacity in about one-week you’re going to start to see some light areas on your lawn and the weeds will go from green to white.

In the beginning, there’ll be a little yellow and then they turn to like a Paperwhite.

So for about a week, they’re actually a little bit worse than they looked at the beginning but then in weeks two and three, they’ll completely die root and all.

And don’t worry if your grass was slightly white during the process, it will very likely return to normal.

So for a brief amount of time, they’ll go white and then completely die and your grass will start to fill in and take over and It really is exactly what you want for result.

This stuff works really well on clover as well.

So have to remember with tenacity. It’s a simple product that you just spray on and leave.

You don’t usually have to retreat though it’s not a problem if you do.

Generally, this is going to be your final result which may not look beautiful at this moment.

Those weeds are really dead and now the grass around them can quickly take over.

So this is exactly what you’re shooting for so that your lawn can finally come back.

Because don’t kid yourself, even though those weeds are green. If you leave them alone, they’ll completely choked your lawn.

Tenacity herbicide is by far one of the most popular weed controls in the market right now, it might seem expensive.

But when you price it out per gallon tenacity is one of the least expensive products you can get and the most effective.

So I hope this post showed you that you can control weeds yourself.

You can use a product that won’t kill your lawn and you really can turn your entire lawn around and get rid of the weeds once and for all.

Finally, say goodbye to crabgrass and clover hopefully for the season and maybe forever.