How To Kill Dandelions In The Lawn

If your lawn suffers from dandelions… you know, those yellow flowers that seem to pop up in your lawn overnight… if you want to know how to kill dandelions in the lawn and get rid of them for good… then this post is just for you. Here’s why…

There is a truckload of different ways to kill dandelions, without a word of a lie. Many work and while many do, most don’t.

So today I’m going to tell you the best way on how to get rid of dandelions, remove dandelions and how to prevent dandelions from growing in your lawn.

By any means the DIY homemade vinegar recipe to get rid of dandelions and the ready-made herbicide I use and recommend as the best dandelion killer can easily be used on most common household weeds and not just limited to dandelions.

Weed Pullers

The cheapest and quickest way to weeding dandelions especially if you’ve got a small backyard is to simply use a fork and hand remove them by hand. Tools like these Fiskars Ergo Scratch Tool Garden Weeders work a treat and not overly expensive as well.

Yer sure does require you to bend down or get down onto the knees, if that is a hassle and a pain then the own of these Fiskars 4-Claw Weeders would be better suited.

The Fiskars 4-Claw Weedervis 39″ long and works by stepping down onto the step, and then just rocking the handle back then pull the handle towards yourself. This action then pulls the dandelion plant out of the ground roots and all.

For me to best explain how it works check out the video below…

DIY vinegar weed killer recipe with Epsom salt

How To Kill Weeds With VinegarFor those who want to use a more effortless way to kill dandelions and don’t find kneeling down on the lawn very therapeutic while pulling weeds.

I hear ya and I’ve got ya covered with this. On another post about making your own vinegar weed killer recipe and this ideal for those who can’t be bothered pulling weeds, and don’t want to use a chemical herbicide.

The 3 ingredients you require to make this simple and easy DIY vinegar weed killer is:

  • Vinegar
  • Washing up detergent
  • Epsom or just normal table salt will do.

The vinegar is where most people go wrong here and complain about it don’t work and doesn’t kill anything.

Common household vinegar won’t do shit, as it’s only rated at around 3-5 % acidity which won’t kill dandelions

So don’t fall into that trap and just gran the vinegar from out of the cupboard and make your mix. It will do jackshit and just waste your time and ingredients.

So listen up, you need to use a strong acidic vinegar. Stronger the better, like this 30% Pure Vinegar by Green Gobbler.

Brand doesn’t matter in this instance as long as its rated at 30% or higher if you can snag it higher.

The soap doesn’t matter, just use whichever washing liquid you have floating around, much the same as the salt. You can use Epsom if like, I’ve never tried it with Epsom but can’t see why it won’t work.

This formula just uses normal table salt and I can’t see what differences of salt used for your dandelions killer vinegar recipe.

The measurements below will make around half gallon. So where going to make a half-gallon mix and just change things up or down if you want to make more or less.

There is no set way to mix the ingredients so I’m going to start off with the vinegar.

Making Your Own Homemade Vinegar Weed Killer With Epsom Salt

Make sure you have a bucket of containers big enough to carry more than half a gallon of liquid.

  1. Measure out half a gallon and add to your container
  2. Throw in a good 3 to 4 tablespoons of salt.
  3. Then add about a tablespoon of liquid soap

Give it all a good mix and then your good to go.

Fill up your sprayer or little squirt bottle and your hardest.

Now at this point, I want to add that whatever you spray will need a followup hit. Also, keep in mind that this will kill your lawn and grass as well as the weeds.

Using the vinegar weed killer recipe works great for spot spraying small areas of the lawn and garden.

If the thought of killing your perfectly manicured lawn, relax I’ve got you covered.

For real results, guaranteed to kill your broadleaf weeds and not your grass then what I’ve got for you next, your gonna love.

Tenacity Herbicide

tenacity herbicideTenacity herbicide is a commercial use selective weed and grass control system used by professionals, golf courses and achieving best results when comes to get rid of dandelions and prevent dandelions.

Cause you can use tenacity as both a pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controller system.

Dandelion removal is hard to achieve a 100% success rate first time.

Using tenacity as a pre-emergent in dry areas can be tricky if you don’t get the rains.

If applied and no rain has dropped, irrigate your lawn to act as say half-inch of fall has dropped from the heavens and that will kick the absorption off and stop the dandelion seeds going dormant.

Using tenacity isn’t clear cut add to your sprayer and start spraying. There are a couple extra steps needed to gain the best results to which you can see here.