Husqvarna Vs John Deere Tractor Mowers Review

In this Husqvarna vs John Deere lawn tractors review, we’re looking at the Husqvarna 300-series Lawn Tractors and the John Deere E100 Series Lawn Tractors.

We’ll expound more on each lawn tractor and look at the differences after to aid you on our shopping for a lawnmower tractor. 

Husqvarna 300-Series Lawn Tractors

Here we have a versatile mowing machine that is easy to drive and operate. The 300-series is built for the long haul.

The mowers provide easy control.

Most Husqvarna lawn tractors are pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission system. To drive it, you use your hands to steer the wheel in the direction you wish and adjust the speed using the foot pedals.

There are gauges and controls as well as situated within the driver’s reach. These controls include electronic or automatic locking rear differential.

They are used primarily when working on slopes or when cutting wet grass that is also dense.  

There is also cruise control, and you can adjust your seat for maximum comfort. There’s also a cup holder; it is welcomed for those with large lawns and needs a drink to cool or warm them up.

Combine, you, as the driver, would have the ultimate mowing experience. You’re in full control of what goes on and how comfortable you are. 

There are two engines manufacturers used in the series, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton.

The horsepower varies with the one you get, starting from 17.5hp to 25hp. The transition type is hydrostatic that’s pedal operated.

The cutting width features are 38inches, 42 inches, 46inches, 48inches, and 54inches with a reinforced cutting deck. 

ClearCut® deck

In some models of Husqvarna, there is the redesigned ClearCut® cutting deck. It now delivers a perfect cut on uneven terrain.

This innovative design works by generating a substantial airflow whereby the patented baffle system then raises grass blades.

It is then able to give you a precise and clean-cut throughout the entire deck.

image of husqvarna's clear cutting deck

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It works whether you prefer mulching, side discharge, or bagging. 


Another aspect that Husqvarna has done well is allowing you to use the lawn tractors comfortably through seasons. It’s just not for mowing your lawn; it can do much more.

That is thanks to their many attachments and making yard work fun. You can attach snow blades, dump carts, spreaders, graders, brooms, and more. 


You can use the Husqvarna comfortably on a big lawn and not feel like you’ve been doing chores.

It has a smooth engine that’s powerful yet quiet with minimal vibration.

It is also useful when it comes to fuel consumption. The warranty is also comprehensive, giving you comfort as you ride around beautifying your lawn. 

About Husqvarna

The Husqvarna Group is a Swedish manufacturer that produces outdoor power products.

The company began in 1689 but stated making lawnmowers in 1919.

Other products they provide are trimmers, chainsaws, watering products, and diamond tools for the stone and construction industries. Their headquarters are in Stockholm and Huskvarna. 

John Deere E100 Series Lawn Tractors

The lawnmowers are made for residential lawn mowing.

The yellow and the green stand out so that you’re able to know that you are dealing with them. When it comes to details, Deere has taken great care to ensure that they are a notch higher than their competitors.

Something to note is that this is an American brand. One aspect the company is keen on (among others) is the comfort you get while mowing.

Mowing your lawn no longer has to be a chore; it can be something you actually enjoy with the Deere lawn tractor. 

John Deere Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System

You can change your oil in all of 30 seconds with the Deere thanks to their John Deere Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System. That means you never have to worry about draining your oil.

picture of john deere easy oil change

The oil comes in canisters which you twist to put and remove.

You have to pop the hood open, turn to remove the finished canister, set in the new one, and screw until the mark on the engine is aligned with the canister.

You also don’t have to keep making oil changes; you can do it at the end of every mowing season. 

You can do your mowing in a care-free version; all you have to do is start and go.

For about 50 hours of use is when you need to start considering making an oil change. Even that depends on how big your lawn is.

What makes this oil change system stand out is because it’s the first of its kind in the industry. It has transformed the way gas lawn mowers work. If you want one but the gas part has been putting you off, then you don’t need to worry about that anymore. 

Overall, John Deere has done thousands of hours of testing to ensure that the technology behind the oil system is working at optimum.

It is that innovation that got the company a spot on the 100 Best of What’s New product list on the Popular Science Magazine

Additional information

In the new 100 Series Lawn Tractors, the maintenance is straightforward.

Operations are also comfortable with the two-wheel drive. When it comes to the warranty, you get 120 hours or a two-year of coverage. The warranty is also quite comprehensive. 

Overall, there are nine mowers in the John Deere E series that is from E100 to E180. The transmission is hydrostatic, with only the E100 being automatic.

The mowers have a cutting width of 42inches, 48inches, and 54inches. The horsepower ranges from 17.5hp and 25hp. Other attachments make the mowing of your lawn more relaxed and even fun. 

MowerPlus™ Mobile App 

The John Deere app helps you in keeping your mower running smoothly and have the lawn looking healthy and beautiful as well.

You can record and track your yard work, all the while getting tips that match the season you’re in.

If you’re getting a lawn tractor for the first time, you will find the app a handy companion in use and maintenance. 

picture of john deere's apps

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About John Deere

John Deere is an American company based in Greenville, Tennessee.

It came into existence in 1837. John Deere started it as he was fixing mowing problems that farmers at the time were having because they weren’t used to the new type of soil.

The company’s core values since have been innovation, commitment, integrity, and quality. 

Husqvarna vs John Deere Lawn Tractors Overview

There are distinct differences with these two lawn tractors that it comes down to preference.

Therefore don’t look at this as a comparison of what’s better. We’re just putting them head to head so you can see what they both have to offer.

By themselves, they are executive brands. 


When it comes to horsepower, both brands offer the same type of engine. Mowing your lawn can be as fast or as slow as you like to take it.

John Deere has more variety to offer as compared to Husqvarna.

The former has nine different mowers in the E100 series while in the latter has six mowers in their E300 series. In general, however, Husqvarna has more tractor mowers engine variety than Deere. 

Oil changes

With the Husqvarna, the oil change process is not as straight forward as Deere is.

You’ll have to worry about an oil change when the time comes. But something to note is that the Husqvarna lawn tractors tend to have bigger fuel tanks so that shouldn’t be a bother.

With the Deere, you’re also limited to making purchases from the company. Also, know when the fuel is low through the fuel warning lights on both tractors.

Comfort and safety

Both brands have invested in how comfortable you are when mowing the lawn.

If you have a big yard, you don’t have to dread doing chores. When it comes to safety, both brands have parking brakes that you engage when starting the system.

The ignition switches are easy to use, with speed controls being equally as straight forward. 

Cutting width

When it comes to variety in the cutting width, Husqvarna is a winner.

Not only in their E series but when it comes to other lawnmowers; it has widths that Deere does not have.

That makes it the preferred brand if you have specific widths that the latter brand doesn’t have. 

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There is much to like about both brands. They are different in that Husqvarna is Swedish and John Deere American. They do both, however, make terrific lawn mowers that you can use with ease.

If you’re looking to support local business, then your winner is evident.

If you’re more into a variety and you’re more particular about engines and cutting with, then Husqvarna is the one to opt for. We hope that the review has indeed been useful in your decision making.