Toro Zero-turn Mowers Review: The Definitive Guide

Toro zero turn lawn mowers, which is headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, started as a tractor company, but it slowly diversified to what it is today; one of the world’s largest turf management and irrigation companies.

picture of three toro mowers

All through the years, the company has served several types of customers, but its focus, and especially as far as mowers are concerned, has remained residential consumers.

Its array of products features 44 zero-turn mowers as well as 44 other self-propelled push and ride mowers.

These come with different features and capabilities, and they also differ in prices.

Some of the most unique features of zero-turn by Toro include shock absorbers on seats, Smart Speed control system, and of course, the ability to make just about any turn without leaving grass uncut.

What to expect from Toro zero turn lawn mowers

Sturdy build is one of those things you can expect of a Toro mower. You can feel the power of it simply by being in one, thanks to the steel that is solely used on the deck and other parts.

The wheels are easy to steer, and the tread is made to make the mower even more stable.

These mowers also come with a reasonable duration of warranty.

While it is limited, you can be sure to get the most out of it, and it also helps that the company has several outlets where you can seek help if something is wrong with your mower.

Fact: these mowers are not the cheapest on the block, but they are worth every penny because they last along time. By the time the warranty lapses, you will have seen a good return from your investment.

Because their decks are adjustable, you can use them on various lengths of grass and terrains.

Main Features of Toro Zero-turn Mowers

Toro zero-turn mowers have some exciting features that make them some of the most popular among residential buyers. They include the following.

  • Engine and Horsepower

Toro designed and introduced to the market the 708cc ZX v-twin engine in 2015, and it officially made it the default for its zero-turn mowers.

The company made this engine to specially fit in its deck effortlessly and also to customize it in a way that would reduce time taken to change or maintain it.

Its horsepower is not mentioned on any of Toro’s write-up, but it has to be at least

picture of mower engine

12mp. The fuel capacity is 3 gallons, which can tackle 1.5-5 acres of land depending on terrain.

  • Smart Speed Control System

Those transiting to a zero-turn mower from the regular traditional push mower admit it has a learning curve, but Toro has reduced this considerably by introducing a Smart speed control system that gives you control of speed and stability.

When mowing, a Toro zero-turn moves at 7 MPH and 5.5 MPH when towing.

When trimming, it moves at 4 MPH and slows down to 3 MPH in reverse. With the control system in place, you are able to control these movements, while the thickness and tread of the rear tire improve your mower’s stability several-fold.

The rear wheel measures 18 inches while the front one is 11. Another feature worth noting under speed is the auto-braking that comes in handy in case of emergencies.

  • Adjustable Cutting Height

You are not limited to the size of grass you can cut using your mower because the deck is adjustable.

Every cutting deck on each mower can be adjusted to 7 different positions, with the minimum being 1.5 inches and 4.5” for maximum. Also, the deck varies in size depending on what you choose.

  • Sturdy Build

These mowers look the sturdy even before you get on board.

The frame is made of 10-gauge steel, making it durable to endure regular use.

Engine guards are quite vulnerable, and they could reduce the life of your machine, which is why Toro uses heavy-duty steel to prevent any unnecessary damage to your engine.

Other parts, such as caster forks, are also notably stronger than what you find on competing brands, and the front axles are strong too, as they are made of cast iron and steel.

Overall, these mowers are built for longevity.

  • Zero-turn Radius

This is to be expected as the name already suggests it, and this really means that a zero turn mower makes a complete 180-degree turn without leaving any patches of uncut grass.

mower doing a zero turn

They turn on their own prints, eliminating the need for those elaborate tracks made by tractors. This reduces time spent on mowing by half, and ensures a neat ground.

Zero-turns are not only efficient in flat grounds, but they also maneuver obstacles – like trees – effectively, making them preferred in for mowing just about any ground.

Seeing as Toro’s mowers are gas-powered, they are not restricted by cords and so you can move as far as you need to mow. In fact, the manufacturer recommends them for large tracks of land.

  • Other Accessories

It comes with a side discharge bag so that you don’t have to buy that separately, but the bag and mulching kit are not part of the cost. Those you would have to buy separately.

It also has hitch-to-two tools such as the aerator and spreader. If you would rather custom-make your own mower, the company makes that possible, through The Home Depot.

You get to pick your preferred engine, steering, platform, and deck. You can buy all the accessories directly from Toro or from an authorized dealer.


  • Special engine made for the exact curve of the mower’s deck.
  • Ability to mow several acres of land.
  • Can handle difficult terrain.
  • Has a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Mostly locks out the commercial market.
  • The rigid construction, while making the mower powerful, compromises comfort when working on tough terrain.


The features above make this line of mowers quite attractive. The company has focused on its niche market and perfected the zero-turn for residential users, making its mowers worth of investment.