Field King Professional 190328 Review 2024

field king backpack sprayerField King Professional 190328 is a backpack sprayer that will help you safely spray chemicals around but not have it drip down your back as you go about it.

It is a must-have for homeowners, gardeners, and small business owners that want to keep their yard and grounds looking great.

Gone are the days of carrying around a small jug of weed killer helplessly trying to get those dandelions to go away. This sprayer backpack- the Field King Professional 190328 – means business, and you will get the job done.

It is made by the Fountainhead group. They make all kinds of our favorite brands of sprayers – Scotts, Roundup Pro, Smith, and more are offered under this name.

They first introduced a compressed air sprayer in the year 1888, and since then have dedicated their efforts to creating products that make yard work that much easier.

The company has made huge strides since its inception, and the Field King Professional 190328 is a great example. Let us review a few pros and cons before moving on.


  •     Internal piston delivers PSI of 150
  •     You can change seals in seconds with zero tools
  •     Four nozzles are included
  •     Offers a durable wand with Viton seals that you can use with liquids or wettable powders


  •     Non-soluble fertilizers cannot be used – will clog sprayer head
  •     Tank holds 4 gallons but becomes very heavy to lift once fully loaded

What to Consider Before Buying Field King Professional 190328

This is a backpack sprayer, so now, we are going to talk about what to consider before you buy this particular backpack sprayer.

First, you should know that backpack sprayers vary from product to product.

  •     Some are for application of dry spray and are blowers
  •     Some are misters which are used in orchards, greenhouses, and vineyards, where we must use fine particles to offer total plant coverage
  •     Some are made of metal parts
  •     Some pumps are piston, some are diaphragm
  •     Nozzles and wands can vary by spray volume, pattern, and design

Next, we want you to consider the size of your operation.

If you are planning on using this for home or small business use, one of these backpacks will do the trick.

It’s also great for those of you with gardens designed for your personal/hobby use. It helps you reach confined areas and hard to reach spots with ease.

This backpack sprayer could also be used in commercial applications, but for large jobs, it is likely you are going to need more than one! Thankfully, the backpacks are sold in multi-packs, so if you are a landscaper, you can purchase them in packs of three and four to use on various jobs.

Last, consider the nozzles included.

This great backpack sprayer, the Field King Professional 190328, includes a total of four nozzles that allow you to stream wide, in a cone shape, directly or fan.

This is perfect for the various clumps of weeds or flowers you have to remove or fertilize, respectively. The material of the nozzles matters; also- for instance, the Field King Professional 190328 comes with a brass nozzle as well as 2 flats and a foaming nozzle. Brass is great because it ensures durability; meanwhile, the plastic nozzles will wear out a bit more quickly.

Features and Benefits

Now it’s time for the main attraction: time to talk about what makes this particular backpack sprayer so great. Why should you have this tool in your gardening/ lawn care arsenal? Read on to find out.

Part 1: Main Features

Let’s start by talking about the wand on this sprayer. Your wand is just one of many moving parts in this whole machine, but it is, without a doubt, the most important, as it delivers what you’re trying to get around. The wand here is 21 inches long- almost two feet- which is great for high up or hard to reach spots. It is made of poly and features seals by Viton.

Viton is a respected brand when talking about seals and, as luck would have it, chemical resistant gloves. They have been around since 1957 and specialize in the manufacture of Fluoropolymer and synthetic rubber.

The wand can handle wettable powders, which are insecticides or pesticides made up of the active ingredient being sold in a finely ground powder and combined with bulking agents as well as wetting agents. These are made to be applied as a dilute suspension through equipment that sprays liquid just like the Field King Professional backpack sprayer.

Next, we will discuss the nozzles. Four of them are included with your purchase. There are two flat fan nozzles, a foaming nozzle, and a brass adjustable.  These brass nozzles are great for handling the spraying of patios, siding, and driveways. You can use it to make the stream into a fine mist or heavy stream.

The fan nozzles are great for covering a wide area. If you’ve ever washed your car in a carwash bay, the manner in which the water comes out of the pressure hose is the way the fan nozzle will spray your weed killer/fertilizer.

Lastly, the foaming nozzle is included, which helps you actually see that you have covered the intended surface area. TeeJet nozzles are also available for use on this sprayer.

Part 2: What’s Inside

Now we will talk about what you can’t see at first glance- the internal components of this sprayer. Suppose you were to cut the backpack open and take a look inside. What makes this particular sprayer backpack the best of the best?

For starters, the internal paddle is useful in many ways. It can handle powders, liquids, and solutions that are water-soluble. The internal paddles are pump action, so get ready to work those arms. Everything stays mixed well and in a solution. You will be ready to spray at a moment’s notice.

The Field King company actually field-tested one million cycles on this sprayer using a wettable powder with zero failures.

Now onto the internal pressure chamber. The chamber inside allows you to reach 150 PSI, which is 65% higher than most other diaphragm backpacks. You will be able to more easily reach those hard to get to areas and spray in a precise pattern.

Now imagine that you have to stop in the middle of your work to make a quick fix. The good news is that anyone can fix this particular backpack, with zero tools required. The patented pump mechanism is made up of minimal wear parts and is able to be repaired in a matter of minutes with absolutely no tools. You can get back to work and get it done faster.

Nuts and Bolts

At this point, let’s discuss the nuts and bolts of this cool sprayer- in other words, the small parts that keep this thing running like a champ.

We already mentioned the great Viton seals- they provide a world of difference when talking about the greatest in chemical resistance. We’ve also mentioned the nozzles and why they are the best in the game, too.

Next, we will discuss the filtration basket. This is a basket featuring a huge tank opening that keeps debris away from your tank whilst filling it up. And the superior shutoff is just as the name implies, made of durable brass parts that just keep ongoing.

Outside Features

The sprayer is very ergonomic, all things considered. The user of this particular sprayer backpack will find it easy to use and actually quite comfortable.

It all starts with the pump handle. Are you right-handed or left-handed? It doesn’t matter when using this sprayer backpack as you can reverse it to suit your needs.

Next, the one-way valve is great when we think about consumer protection. This valve prevents spills should the tank end up inverted for some reason. Great for those moments when we accidentally knock it over, or someone actually tries to pick it up and dump it out (yes, we’ve seen it happen).

There is a threaded bolt as well. This offers you a secure handle attachment with zero slack, and this is much better than the cotter pin you usually get with these types of backpacks.

Lastly, the wand storage is a small but mighty little feature. It offers you the chance to put the wand up when you are all done using it, which keeps it out of the way of people stepping on it, or they want accidentally snapping or catching on something as you work with it.

Filtration System

This sprayer backpack features a lockable shut off made of brass components and an inline filter. You might be wondering why we place so much emphasis on an inline filter.

An inline filter’s purpose is to help clean the water or solution in a small volume application. These filters are great at removing lead, dirt, sediment, rust, or other particles. Many refrigerators and water filtration systems have them because they improve the taste of water and ice.

The benefit here is that you can look forward to debris and other large, unable to pass particles being caught by the filter and not deposited onto your plants.

In summary, this is a useful backpack sprayer that thousands have found to be perfect for home use that gets the job done- thanks to the great features included.

What Others Said

Don’t just take our word for it that the Field King Professional 190328 is a great tool. Check out these reviews from other users. These are real people with property to tend to just like you and me!


Solo 475-B Diaphragm Pump Backpack SprayerSOLO 475 backpack sprayer

This offers a large carry handle and wand retainer, which makes it easy to store.

Like the Field King 190328 this offers a brass nozzle, but other plastic nozzles, too.

Unlike the Field King, a waist belt is offered to keep the backpack in place and bring more comfort to the user.

The diaphragm pump is perfect for wettable powders, bleach solutions, and other liquid formulations.

This diaphragm is made of top-quality material and will resist the harshest of chemicals.

It can easily pass smaller size abrasives without pump assembly damage concerns.

Petra battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

Petra battery Powered Backpack SprayerUnlike the Field King, this one is a battery operated backpack sprayer.

You can spray for about three hours and a total of 50 gallons using a single battery charge. You don’t need to pump it, either.

The PSI is markedly lower, however, coming in at 65 PSI.

The wand included is multipurpose, and it can easily handle your bleach and acids without fear of it becoming damaged or broken.

The wide mouth lid makes it easy for you to fill the sprayer, and a one-year warranty is offered on the item also.

Four nozzles are included, including one made of brass.

Chapin 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Chapin 4 Gallon Backpack SprayerThis particular sprayer is cheaper than the Field King 190328 but does not include as many goods.

For example, the sprayer does not come with four nozzles, only two. There is no waist strap included, as we saw with the SOLO model.

This one is pretty basic and handles just common weed killers and pesticides/fertilizers.

It’s perfect for people with a small garden or who just want to save their backs as they walk around and tend to their property.

This is a manually operated sprayer and features a wide mouth at the top for easy filling.


Thank you for taking the time to check out our Field King 190328 review. We hope our overview of this great backpack sprayer has been helpful for you.

Whether your goal is to have the loveliest flower bed in the neighborhood, grow delicious veggies as part of your garden, or to keep the weeds away from your property, a great backpack sprayer such as this really helps out. Add in that you can get them in multi-packs, and it makes a great pro landscaping tool too.

Just remember – safety first. Wear protective clothing and gear while you use it.

We’ve reviewed many different sprayers over on our best backpack sprayer review 2024to give you the best choice when the time comes for when you drop a coin down on one

If you’ve been looking for a 4-gallon hand pump backpack sprayer that’s designed and made and used by professionals, gives you everything you’ll need in a sprayer, and not overly expensive then we recommend checking out the Field King Professional.

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