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What Are Anti Scalping Wheels And What Do They Do

What are anti scalping wheels

If you are wondering what are anti scalping wheels are good for, what they do… If you wonder if you need them on your mower and what the heck is scalping anyway… If you have wondered why after mowing you get brown, dead-looking patches in your lawn… then this message is just for you. Here’s … Read more

2 Reasons your Lawn Mower String doesn’t Pull all the Way

feature image for lawn mower string problems

A push mower needs its string pulled to start… and usually, you only need to pull twice and the engine starts without a hitch so you can get your work done…However, if the lawn mower string breaks or it doesn’t start like it normally does. What could be the problem? Well, there are usually two … Read more

Easy Start Lawn Mowers: Our 3 Favorites

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Self-propelled lawn mowers require no mechanism to start. They only need a little push so their blades can start chopping. While they can get you in the best shape of your life – especially if you live in warm zones that require regular trimming – they are not ideal for the elderly or physically challenged. … Read more

Mower Oil vs. Motor Oil: A Guide to the Right Lawn Mower Engine Oil

image of motor and mower oil

One of the main considerations when thinking of oil for your mower is viscosity. SAE 30 is ideal for warmer temperatures while SAE 10W-30 is recommended for cold weather. SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers, and the W in 10W-30 means ‘winter.’ Viscosity is generally the thickness of oil at specific temperatures because texture … Read more

How do Lawn Mower Blades Cut Grass: The Science Demystified

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Lawnmowers have gone through a revolution. Decades ago, animals roamed farms, feeding on grass and effectively trimming it. Naturally, that won’t cut it in modern times, and so modern lawn mowers are now available, complete with comfortable seats and cup holders to make the experience much more fun. A lawnmower has a deck, mostly made … Read more

Lawn Mower’s Throttle: Here’s How it Works

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What is a Throttle? A throttle is what regulates the amount of air that gets into your air-fuel mix to determine the speed of your mower. A throttle is located in a carburetor’s intake butterfly valve. Most of the modern ones have automatic throttles, though. A carburetor is what delivers the mixture of gasoline and air … Read more

Lawn Mower Air Filters: Everything you need to know

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Whether your mower runs on a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, it will require an air filter… and overtime all lawn mower air filters need cleaning. As the name suggests, they air filters are the first defense for an engine against dirty, dust, and any debris of whatever size, and so they are responsible for the … Read more

How does a Multi-blade Mower Work? The Ultimate Guide

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The mower will have at least two spindles that are placed apart from each other in specified dimensions. On each of these spindles, two blades of different lengths are mounted at different heights. On the second spindle, blades mounted take the route of the first two. They are on the same plane but of different … Read more

Are Lawn Mowers Waterproof?

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Lawn mowers are not waterproof because they have different parts that a manufacturer cannot guarantee will resist water. When you read your user’s manual carefully, you will realize that manufacturers recommend storing mowers in dry, airy spaces that will not prevent combustion. What happens to your mower when you leave it out in the rain? When … Read more