How to use vinegar to kill weeds and does it kill the grass?


I’ve been thinking of trying vinegar out, you know going natural way to kill weeds but I don’t want to kill my grass as well.

I’ve read that vinegar does kill lawn and grass is this correct Callum?




Hi Robyn,

Thanks for your question:

Does vinegar kill weeds and grass

In short yes, vinegar does kill your lawn when you are using the right vinegar too.

You see not all vinegar are the same and most peeps when homemaking there own home weed killer from vinegar use the standard household one.

I’m not sure if your standard kitchen vinegar will… I might have to give that a test run.

30% VinegarWhat I do know is that standard household vinegar has a rating of just 5% acidity. At this rate it will more just piss the weeds off than kill them.

What you need is a higher acidity. The higher the better to kill weeds with like this Shine 30% vinegar.

You also need to mix with the vinegar salt, just normal household washing up soap and salt.

Any salt will do.

The key here is using a strong acidity vinegar like this one.

The acidity dries out the weeds and this is what that kills them.

For the exact measurements and directions check out this post, how to kill weeds with vinegar.

You can control weeds for sure using vinegar. It’s safe and effective but that is the downside that it will kill your lawn off as well.

So this makes it ideal for anywhere you want to blast weeds, garden beds, bear sections, around sandpit and areas like that. Not on your grass, tho remember.

You can even use it on those weeds in walkways cause you don’t have to worry about spraying on to the grass.

And hot tip when using your homemade vinegar recipe is to use it when the sun is up. When it’s warm the or hotter the better the weeds will absorb the weed killer quicker and get better results.

Does Vinegar Kill Weeds And GrassIf you want to kill weeds and not your lawn then using vinegar ain’t gonna cut it.

And by doing so you won’t get the results you want and your lawn will take a while to recover.

What I do and recommend if you want to spray for weeds in your lawn and not kill your lawn is to use a herbicide called Tenacity.

The pros use tenacity herbicide and if you want a great-looking lawn then you gotta do what the professionals use and do.

Tenacity is brilliant weed control for crabgrass, clover, dandelions and even creeping charlie and nutsedge.

Proven and tested to work on over 40 plus different weeds and can be used as a pre or post-emergent treatment.

Well, Robyn, I hope this has helped you out and answered your question Does vinegar kill weeds and grass.

If you want a natural homemade way of weed control using this 3 ingredient homemade weed killer will work perfectly for you.

You will have to keep up the control as it will take a couple sprays on hardy weeds.

But if you want to kill the weeds roots and all the first go and are in your lawn. You will be better off to use a product like Tenacity herbicide.