Which Is The best weed killer for creeping charlie in lawn 2020

If your sick and tired of spraying, treating and caring for your lawn and still suffering from creeping charlie/ground ivy… if your not sure with all the thousands of herbicides on the market today is best weed killer for creeping charlie for your lawn… then this post is just for you.

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In doing so we strive to find you the best products at the cheapest prices.

I also want to say that our top choice as the best weed killer for creating charlie is Tenacity Herbicide. We’ve been using for quite a while now and more than happy with the performance and results.

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Best Weed Killer For Creeping Charlie: Selective

Tenacity Herbicide

tenacity herbicideTo get a great professional-looking lawn you need to use what the professionals use, and most professionals use Tenacity herbicide to kill weeds.

Once reserved for professionals and used widely on golf courses is now available for local residential users.

Used on for over 40 different broadleaf weeds:

  • Crabgrass
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Dandelions
  • Clover

and many more.

Tenacity is my favorite herbicide because you can use it for both as a blanket or spot spraying in both pre and post-emergent applications.

Another reason why tenacity ranks high on the list is for its versatility. It’s classed under the selective category so while it will kill the creeping charlie you’ve got it will so without killing your lawn.


  • Selective so won’t kill your lawn
  • Can be used for pre and post-emergent treatments
  • Consentrated, one 8oz bottle yeilds around 2 acres
  • Commercially rated herbicide


  • It’s not NO already mixed and spray weed killer
  • Recommended to use surfectant for better results.


Runner-Up Primesource Meso 4 SC Select

Primesource Meso 4 SC Selectis also among the best weed sprayer for creeping charile/ground ivy on the market today. Can be used for both as a pre or post emergent and targets over 45 broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Prime Source Meso 4SC Select contains the same active ingredient as Tenacity and works with very similar results.

You will need to use a surfactant when used as a post-emergent to help the chemical sick to the weeds better and not just run off when applied.

For spot spraying, 1 teaspoon is all that's needed to make a 2-gallon mix and 1 gallon will get you a 1,000 sq. ft.


  • Pet safe if follow the label.
  • Can be used as pre or post-emergent
  • Suited for ground ivy and 40 other grass and broadleaf weeds
  • Safe to use as a blanket spray for pre-emergent or spot as a post.



Worth A Mention

SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate

SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer ConcentrateSpeedzone weed killer is n excellent selective herbicide for post-emergent applications.

Can be used on cool and warm season lawns that are established to control poison ivy, clover, creeping charlie and over 100 other broadleaf weeds.

You can use it for spot treatments or on hose end sprayers for complete blanket cover.

You can expect to see some effect within hours of treatment.

For common use with:

Cool Season Grasses: Kentucky Blue Grass, Perennial ryegrass, Tall fescue, Colonial bentgrass
Warm Season Grasses: Common Bermuda and Zoyziagrass

As with all weed killers and herbicides, make sure to read whats on the tin and know what type of lawn you've got before buying or spraying a selective herbicide.



  • Kills creeping charlie, clover, and over 100 other broadleaf weeds
  • Just add water and your set to go
  • Is a post-emergent selective herbicide


  • Sorry guys, Not for sale to: AK, CA, DC

Best Weed Sprayer For Creeping Charlie: Non-Selective

Roundup QuikPRO

Roundup QuikPRORoundup Quickpro herbicide is non-selective post-emergent wettable granular formula. The plants and weeds absorb the chemical directly and not through the ground.

The main two ingredients that make RoundupPro works so well is glyphosate and diquat.

They have already included a surfactant in the mix saving you time and money off adding your own.

RoundupPro can be used for:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Non-crop
  • Residential use.

Formulated to control broadleaf and grass weeds, woody brush and trees, and with annual, perennial weeds like creeping charlie, poison ivy, clover, dandelions, and a truckload more.



  • Non-selective
  • From commercial to home use
  • Rain fast in bout hr
  • Works on annuals, perennials


  • Will kill everything you spray it on including lawn
  • In granular form not liquid


Runner-up Ranger Pro Herbicide

Ranger Pro HerbicideRanger Pro with 41% Glyphosate which is the same active ingredient that you will find in Round-up is a full non-selective herbicide for killing creeping charlie.

You could almost say that Ranger Pro is the generic of Roundup Pro, works the same, treats the same, and here's the kicker.

It's heaps cheaper than Roundup Pro

Another thing I like about Ranger Pro is that it's not needing an surfactant as its already included in the formula.

Ranger Pro is a post-emergent treatment and works great for perennial weeds like creeping charlie the one you're trying to kill now.



  • Cheaper option and equilivant to Round-up Pro
  • Treatment for post-emergent use
  •  Gives you a broad-spectrum weed control for annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees


  • Is non-selective only and will all other plants and grasses sprayed on
  • Can only be used for post-emergent use


Worth A Mention


Round-upRound-up would have to one of the most popular weed killers that just about anyone who's done any gardening before would have heard about.

RoundUp ready-to-use weed & grass killer III is a ready-mix and comes with its own wand for instant use. It does make it a bit more of a dearer way to treat ya weeds but the conveniences of small areas makes it ideal.

As a non-selective remember it will kill your lawn and weeds roots and all.


  • Already mixed in a ready to use container.
  • Non-selective and will kill anything you spray it on, including grass
  • Fast-acting and expect to see some results in around 3 hrs.
  • Rain proof in 10 minutes… that’s fast


  • Will kill everything you spray it on
  • Expensive way to control weeds using kits like this one
  • Many reports say that the onvenience of the power wand is a great idea… it is simply unreliable. Stops…starts…sputters..foams..sprays.

Killing creeping charlie with vinegar

Killing creeping charlie with vinegarVinegar is another alternative to those who are wanting to go at it chemical free. By following this 3 part vinegar mix you’ll get the right blend to make you’re own that really does work.

The main key when making your own is to use the right vinegar. The stronger the acidity the better it will kill creeping charlie, poison ivy even crabgrass.

It’s a non-selective treatment so it will kill your grass. You can expect to start seeing results in as little as an hr and follow up sprays will be required.

If you can’t be bothered or don’t have the time to make ya own you can buy it already made in a nice little squirter bottle like this one that is safe for organic weed control.



  • Chemical free and safe around pets and kids.
  • Useable for organic weed control
  • Ideal for spot spraying all weed types and grass
  • Non-selective
  • Works on gravel, paved stone areas


  • Will kill the lawn as well as the weeds
  • Will require follow-up treatments, its not a 1 spray 1 kill

How to choose the best weed killer for Creeping Charlie

Before you go drop a dime on just any old weed killer, there are a few things you should or need to know.

Not all weed killers are the same and you need to know this to help with your buying decision.

Most week killers come in either pre-emergent or post-emergent. So the timing of the season will decipher which you go for.

Some of the better quality herbicides like Tenacity is both a pre and post-emergent herbicide. There are many others on the market that do but not all does so make sure to read what's on the tin.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicides are spayed into your lawn to stop the roots of the weed from developing and kill them after and during the germination process.

Using a pre-emergent only works for the future and not on the past. The annuals that have already germinated from last year will still come out even tho you've laid a pre-emergent down.

When they come through is when you will use a post-emergent spray.

So pre-emergents set you up for the future and not the past.

The best time to use pre-emergents is mid-June to late July in the mid-west or when the outside temp is consistently above 90 degrees daily.

When the temp gets to say 80 degrees then you'll be good to go. Always check the ground temperature before applying as that's the final decision time to make the call. Ground temp wants to no more than say 55 degrees.

After you've sprayed out and you've had no rainfall within say 10 days. Do an irrigation of bout 1/2 inch as with pre-emergent treatments the weeds absorb the chemicals into the root system.

To get the ground temp I use one of these digital meat thermometers. Just push it into the ground bout 3 inches and check out the reading


Post-Emergent Herbicide

Post-emergent herbicides are used when weeds like your creeping charlie/ground ivy you're wanting to kill are starting to pop through your lawn.

You can either control the weeds by spot spraying or if you've got a full infestation, carry out a blanket spray of the whole area.

This leads us to another thing to consider is, do you want a selective or non-selective weed killer?

What is a Non-Selective Herbicide

Non-selective means it will kill the creeping charlie and anything else you hit with the sprayer. So if you don't mind having dead grass use a non-selective herbicide like Spectracide Weed Killer.

If ya not sure what type of weeds you have a non-selective killer may be the better for you.

When using a herbicide like Sprectracide or round-up, care needs to taken with overspray and wind drift.

Selective Herbicide

Whereas selective will only kill what the label says. So if just want to kill creeping charlie and not your lawn, then you'll need to get a selective herbicide that just does that.

It selects which weeds to kill and what it won't.

You also need to know what type of grass you've got. Knowing this will help to make sure to get the right herbicide so it doesn't kill your lawn.