Does This DIY Weed Killer With Vinegar & Epsom Salts Really Work?

I get it, the way things are these days we want to protect and care for our land and garden, use less chemicals and more natural remedies, right?

Old homemade remedies are being used all over the world treating things like the common cold, hair shampoo, skincare and natural repellants.

But does this DIY weed killer, vinegar, and Epson salts really work as a weed killer?

It does and it doesn’t… let me explain

Best Vinegar For Weed Killer

vinegar weed killer mixtureTo get the best results you need to use not your common household vinegar. The vinegar you’ve got in the cupboard will properly be just normal white vinegar with an acidity of just 3-5%.

For this to work, you need to use a higher concentrated vinegar formula of at least 20% but this one I’ve had great results with at 30% acetic

Now at the end of the day placing vinegar on your lawn and this rate will kill not only the weeds but your grass too.

Not only that, what lives in your soil it will kill, earthworms, beneficial microbes, so be fully aware of that when you start spraying aroun

Next on the list is Epsom salts.

Epsom Salt For Vinegar Weed Killer

Weed Killer Vinegar And Epsom SaltsEpsom salts consist of magnesium sulfate which is pretty much food for your plants and grass. Magnesium and sulfur has been used in gardens for decades as plant feeds, such as roses, tomatoes, and peppers.

So using Epsom salts on your weeds is feeding them with nutrients while you trying to kill them with the vinegar.

So it makes no sense to use Epsom salts so just stick to using the cheap normal table salt. Iodized or whatever, it don’t matter.

 Vinegar weed killer with Dawn

Then we have the third ingredient which is the soap. Liquid soap works the best and it pretty much acts as a surfactant for the vinegar and salt mix.

It doesn’t have to be dawn liquid soap, just regular washing-up detergent will do the job. But if you use Dawn then use it, its no biggy.

The recipe for DIY weed killer with vinegar using dawn

Ok, now for the recipe. It’s not hard to make and where going to make up a half-gallon mix. So make sure the container you got will hold more than half a gallon.

  1. Place half-gallon of vinegar into a container, making sure its large enough to take half a gallon and room to stir, or you can just add straight to your sprayer if it holds enough
  2. Add in 3-4 tablespoons of salt
  3. then add 1 tablespoon of washing liquid to the mix.

Give it a good stir or shake up and you’ll be good to go.

Now, remember this DIY white vinegar weed killer mix isn’t selective so whatever you spay it will die. So if you’re happy to use on your lawn it will maker the grass die-off.

tenacity herbicideIf you want a weed killer that is selective, that will kill most common household broadleaf weeds like your dandelions, clover, crabgrass, creeping charlie, and guaranteed not to kill your lawn at the same time…

… then tenacity herbicide is just for you.

Tenacity is used by professionals around the place from the golf course, to professional tuff growers and has now finally been released for domestic use.

Tenacity is a selective herbicide and can be used both as pre and post-emergent applications making it one of the best weed controllers on the market today.

If you want to control your weeds to a professional standard, save time and money then use what the professionals use, it’s that simple.

This stuff is super concentrated and to make a 2-gallon mix of control all is needed is 1 teaspoon of tenacity herbicide.