Best Homemade vinegar weed killer that actually does work

You can control weeds by using vinegar weed killer mixture… it’s safe effective and completely natural.

And also it’s great option for those that don’t want to use a chemical control substance.

Here’s why most people say that vinegar isn’t a very good weed killer.

If you grab that bottle that you’ve got in your house, you’ll never get results.

Because if you’re going to use vinegar to control your weeds and you actually want it to work.

Then you’ve got to know what you’re doing, how to apply it but lastly you’ve got to select the right kind of vinegar.

Why? Because of not all kinds of vinegar are the same.

Vinegar is able to kill weeds off by drying them out.

And to do that it uses its acidity.

Now most people know that vinegar is sour, right.

But you may not be aware that vinegar comes in different varieties.

Your household vinegar only has a 5% acidity level and that’s not a lot of power for killing Weeds.

Sure if you spray this on some it might hurt them, but overall you will not get good weed control or results.

You want to be able to kill all the weeds and not mess around with something that simply won’t work nor get the job done.

Now while ago I released this, showing you how to make your own vinegar-based weed killer that would kill just about anything you say.

Sprayed it on using vinegar that’s 30% acidity level.

This is powerful stuff, but it did the job and as you can see below.

vinegar weed killer mixture

And to be honest, I was very skeptical and  I was shocked because the weeds did not grow back for almost a month.

But there were some downsides because 30% of vinegar is expensive and you do have to mix up the formula your self.

Sure it’s not hard but it does take time and I got a lot of comments asking for something that you can use right out of the bottle.

So I was pretty excited when I found that Energen Carolina LLC had a ready to use vinegar-based product.

That was one of the cheapest if not the cheapest on the market.

So I wanted to give it a try and see what it would do and what it actually work as well as the stuff that I made.

This is a one-quart size.

They sell it in gallons, but I like this one because it’s quick and easy and it’s got the sprayer built right in and you’ve got to remember with vinegar.

It’s going to kill anything you spray it on.

So you’re not going to usually use this in the lawn you’re going use it in places like beds, patios anywhere that you want to blast anything that’s growing that shouldn’t be there.

Another big tip.

Whether you using my DIY formula or this one is you want to spray when it’s hot out or the sun shining as the heat makes the leaves warm-up and they absorb the vinegar a lot better.

And now on to the test now, this is simply because it’s pre mixed and ready to go with the sprayer but pay close attention because you only want to be putting a small amount on each one.

If you’ve got to use a ton of the bottle the cost is going to go through the roof.

So you just wanted apply a little and see what kind of a job it would do.

All is needed is say around 1 to 1 and 1/2 squirts from the trigger on the bottle per weed and you’ll be good to go.

Expect to start seeing results within a couple hours and within 24 the weeds should be dead or close to it.

You will also see in this time if you got some on your lawn or squirted a plant you didn’t mean to.

From own testing, after the 24 hour period the weeds that I treated with this stuff are pretty much dead.

You can see from the image below and that’s just after an hour, this stuff really does work.


This looks just like the results of my own DIY solution except was a lot more convenient and a bottle.

The vinegar really gets into the plant does knock em for a 6.

Now it’s not going to be as effective as chemical control.

Now, I love that mix that I made myself and my other post, but I’ve got to admit this is super easy and convenient to use.

They also have a one-gallon size and you can put it in say a sprayer like a sprayers plus unit if you wanted to do a larger area.

So they think that convenes to the stuff and the price make it very attractive.

You can still mix your own if you want to follow my other article, but this gives you an option if you want to buy something that actually works and it’s ready to go.

So whether you do your own or you decide to buy one of these at least now, you have a few choices and you know, the vinegar can in Fact kill weeds.

The downside of using vinegar is that it has a more potential to kill your lawn as well with the weeds. If you are worried about killing your grass and leaving dead patches using this will suit you best.