RedMax RZT 48 48″ Deck Riding Zero-Turn Mower

If you want to save time, money and effort in keeping your lawns mowed, trimmed and looking good… If you want your Saturdays back instead of spending most of it doing the chores like mowing…then this post is just for you. Here’s why…

The RedMax RZT48 48″ Deck Riding Zero-Turn Mower with a gutsy 23Hp Kawasaki Engine is designed for you, the homeowner.

This machine will make you look, feel like a professional. It’s built tuff, easy to operate and guaranteed built for the long haul.

The deck is made from 10-gauge thick fabricated steel and has a 48″ cutting width and has 3 cutting methods. They are mulch, collect and side discharge.

The back part of the seat has a height of 18 inches and is supported with a tubular frame for long term durability and comfort.

The fuel tank holds around 3 gallons and the air filter is located at the rear for easy access to cleaning and maintenance.

Driven this baby is a 23Hp Kawasaki Engine, which is a couple more ponies over its brother the REDMAX RZT42 Zero Turn Mower (42″ Cutting Deck) which has a 21 Hp Kawasaki engine.

That extra power makes it great when using high lift blades or in wet damp grass conditions.

Key start, blade engaged, and throttle are all mounted on a console on the right side of the machine. There is also a meter reader to show how long you have been using it as well as the choke if needed.

The deck is fastened down with a locking screw with a handgrip to allow easy access to the pullies for adjustments.

RedMax RZT48 comes with outer anti-scalping wheels with the 48″ cutting deck you will find this is a good choice on their behalf.

The battery is located under the seat which just folds forward for easy access in case you need to gain access for a jump or maintenance.

The footrest area incorporates generous non-slip surfaces for safe and comfortable use.

This zero turn mower by Redmax is of great value for the money and customer reviews. They are a good unit


If you are looking for a zero-turn lawn mower with a larger cutting deck… if you’re looking for a mower with more ponies under the hood… then you need to take a serious look at the Spartan range of zero turn mower reviews.

You have a choice of 3 different series mowers with their base mower the RZ series starts off at just under $4 grand. The RZ series cutting decks are available in 48, 54 and 61-inch decks.

RT and SRT series deck sizes range from 54, 61 and massive 72-inch decks.

Engine Power

Horsepower varies depending on the series, where the RZ starts off at 23 ponies whereas the RT HD vanguard and SRT HD vanguard both run 37 HP engines to spin those massive 72″ cutting decks.

Servicing and Features

Services are every 1000 hours giving you long periods and lower downtimes giving you more job time.

All the mowers are keyless. To start the mower you will need to enter your very own personal code. Good idea I reckon as I’ve had to get whole new ignition on one of older ride-on cause one of the kids lost it playing around when they were younger.

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