How To Kill Weeds And Grass In A Gravel Driveway

Being able to control weeds is the secret of having a nice looking lawn. I’ve shown you a few different products you can use that works very well.

Products like Tenacity which is a commercial herbicide that kills over 40 different weeds are ideal not only to kill weeds in your lawn but also gravel driveways and gardens.

The process is the same as spot spraying weeds in your lawn as to doing your driveway and even those weeds that pop up in between pavers and cracks.

If you want to go with a more organic method, you can try the old tried and tested homemade weed killer with vinegar.

I’ve been using and testing this natural weed control method for quite a while. It does give you some great results and it is a method that you have to keep applying.

From what I know an see, it doesn’t kill every weed down to the roots, but if you keep going on it and spray em regularly it will certainly give them a hard time.

How to kill weeds in gravel driveway

You can most certainly use this 3 ingredient homemade weed killer for graveled driveways, concrete and paver cracks, just about anywhere.

One of the problems you must be aware of tho is it will kill your grass.

The formula we make here will kill just about anything that you will spray it on, yes including your lawn.

So if you want to use this as a weed controller on your grass, you’ll more than likely kill your grass as well as the weed.

So this does put some limitations but for spot spraying garden beds or weeds in the driveway or gravel is fine.

By using household items its safe to be used around kids and pets won’t be effected or cause any harm to them.

How to make this 3 ingredient homemade weed killer

To make this 3 ingredient homemade weed killer you will need the following 3 ingredients

  1. Vinegar
  2. Salt
  3. Dishwashing soap

Now this is where most people go wrong. They just go to the kitchen cupboard, grab out whatever vinegar they’ve got in the cupboard, make up a mix.

After spraying it around and waiting after a few days to see no change, then say it doesn’t work.

The reason is:

Vinegar has an acidic measurement and the higher it is the better it works on weeds. Most common household brands have around 5% acidity as you can see from the image.

What we want is a higher acidity vinegar and the one I use and recommend which has 30% acidity is this one.


30% Vinegar

Mixing this sucker is pretty easy and you can either mix it in a bucket or container or straight into your sprayer.

We’re going to make enough mix to make 1/2 a gallon worth so make sure you’re container is big enough.

With the vinegar you’ll need around 2 qt or 1/2 a gallon.

Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of the salt and then around 1 tablespoon of washing up liquid.

Any household salt and washing up liquid will work with it. It’s the vinegar is the key to this recipe.

Once you’ve got it all mixed then you are good to go.

You should start seeing results in as little as an hour like the images below.

And within 24 hours expect them to be looking pretty 2nd hand to almost dead.

how to kill weeds in gravel driveway

Now just remember where ever you spray this it will kill, so be mindful of that and don’t start spraying weed in your lawn or you’ll be killing it too.

Using a homemade weed killer like this vinegar weed killer recipe at times won’t fully kill the weed itself and you will need to do some following up spray.

But if you want to know how to kill weeds in gravel driveway for once and for all then a herbicide like Tenacity could be your better option.

Tenacity is a commercial herbicide that is used throughout the country on golf courses and professionals alike.

Unlike the vinegar weed control formula Tenacity can be used on your lawn and it won’t kill it.

Can be used as a pre and post-emergent control. There are a few extra steps you need to do when mixing it up but you can get the full laydown in this article here.


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